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Project Description
This SharePoint utility allows a SharePoint Admin to easily manage list and content type event receivers.
The utility allows event receivers to be added/removed and listed for list and content type event receivers.

The utility was created after trying other solutions which either did not work or only provided part of a solution.

Its written in C#

This project has been developed by iThink SharePoint
The blog post related to the solution is

The event receiver config utility allows SharePoint Administrators to quickly be able to view, add and remove event receivers from certain SharePoint objects.
The utilty supports managing Event Receivers for:-
  • SharePoint Lists / Document Libraries
  • SharePoint Content Types

The utility also allows the listing of Event Receiver classes that can be found in an assembly. This command will list all the event receivers which are based off the Windows SharePoint Services v3 Event Receiver base classes which are found in the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll.
These include the following base classes:-
  • SPEventReceiverBase
  • SPItemEventReceiver
  • SPListEventReceiver
  • SPWebEventReceiver

Currently it works on the following SharePoint versions:-
  • Windows SharePoint Services v3.
  • SharePoint 2007

A SharePoint 2010 version is planned though because of Powershell it will probably be less useful.

Requesting New Features
If you have any suggestions for adding new features please use the Discussions item "Feature Requests" and we will take a look

Logging Bugs
If you find any bugs please raise a bug using the issue tracker tab.
When raising a bug please try and give as much information including the process of what steps you took to reveal the bug.

If you would like to get involved in the project please get in touch.

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